SIS/SIL Design & Review

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

The International Society of Automation (ISA) published the standard titled “Application of Safety Instrumented Systems For The Process Industries” ANSI/ISA 84.00.01 (IEC 61511) with the goal of preventing the catastrophic release of toxic, flammable, and explosive chemicals.  This SIS standard has become the Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) for the industry and has been adopted by most global regulatory authorities.  

Bath PSM has both the experience and a methodology utilizing ANSI/ISA 84.00.01 (IEC 61511) to aid in the risk assessment and design of instrumentation systems to allow the safe and orderly control and shutdown of a process unit or facility.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is a statistical representation of the integrity of the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) when a process demand occurs.  Bath PSM has assisted various clients in the review of their installed SIS to provide a safety integrity level or risk reduction factor rating.