PHA Support

The overall process safety of a production unit is analyzed via a study called a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).  This study identifies possible scenarios where the process equipment is no longer operating within its normal control parameters.  Each scenario is evaluated and the possible and probable cause and effect for each is identified using the production unit’s Process Safety Information.  This study systematically reviews the effects and determines whether the process is designed to mitigate or prevent the situation from occurring.

A Management of Change (MOC) review evaluates a proposed change to a production unit to determine whether the change will impact process safety.  If process safety could be negatively impacted, a recommendation is made by the review team to address the safety concern. 


Bath PSM provides consultation services to its clients in the following PSM elements:

  • Facilitation of a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) study
  • Facilitation of a Management of Change (MOC) review
  • Integration and management of Process Safety Information (PSI)