Building Siting

Building Siting Studies

The occupancy and location of both permanent and portable buildings within a facility processing toxic and/or flammable materials has become a major interest in Process Safety Management.  These buildings include those housing electrical equipment only (e.g. Motor Control Center (MCC)) as well as those designed for routine occupancy (e.g. Operations Control Center).

Bath PSM has developed a process for the study and documentation of building locations in potentially hazardous areas of a process facility. 

The focus of the “Siting Study” is centered on the following guiding principles:

  • Locate buildings housing personnel away from process areas
  • Minimize the use of occupied buildings located in close proximity to process areas
  • Manage the occupancy of buildings in close proximity to process areas
  • Protect building occupants against the effects of explosion, fire, and toxic releases
  • Manage the use of buildings intended for occupancy as a part of the design, construction, and maintenance of the building

Bath PSM uses a commercially available Consequence Analysis computer application along with the guidelines offered in API RP 752/753 to execute the “Siting Study”.